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Happy Father’s Day: Dad Jokes 2023

In honor of our dear old dads and all the sagely advice they have to offer we are showing our respect for their most enduring quality, Dad Jokes. Yes those truly fetid stinkers of comedy that are so bad they are good.

A skill of such precise witt and artistic finesse that only one of truly distinguished charactr could succesfully deliver them amid adoring groans of frustration and amusement.

This year we are celebrating our dads by asking you to share your favorite (family friendly) dad joke.

You can submit your favorite Dad Joke using the form below.

Your paternal pooper will be reviewed and shared here with the world. Be bold and we will figure out later if it was a mistake.

Submit your favorite paternal groaner here.

Dad’s are Great.
Use the form below to submit your favorite Dad Joke to the Belleville Public Library’s celebration of Dads. Please keep your jokes PG rated so that we may share it for the betterment (or detriment) of society.

Dads (or moms wishing to call out their partners in crime) may also submit their own funny words of widsom if they should choose to do so.

If provided, name and contact information is optional and will not be shared. We assume you would prefer to remain anonymous and not live a life of shame. 🙂