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Career Crystal Ball

“Can you see into the future?”

Please register for one or more guest speakers listed below.

Graduation is just around the corner and as you round the bend the rest of your life awaits you as an adult… no pressure.

Most of you will have your eyes set on college and the foundations of your careers. Some may join the military. Some may go straight to work or set out on ambitious and risky adventures.

Your life is now quite literally in your hands. It would be nice if we could gaze into the future and see what fate awaits you.

Maybe you can.

The library’s Teen Center invites local business owners and practicing professionals to share their stories with our local teens to show them how life and career are done… or at least how it happens.

If you would like to get a more personal account of what a career is like then register for one of our guest speakers and join them via zoom or in person to ask your questions about “what comes next”.