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BPL eSports

Welcome to the Belleville Public Library eSport program.

This program started with gamers who wanted to compete in team-based video games. We are now expanding it as an online community. If you would like to join or help out then please email the library’s Young Adult librarian at ya@bellepl.org with “eSports” in the subject line.

This Program has moved to our Discord server.

If you would like to join the Discord server then send a message to ya@bellepl.org with “eSports on Discord” to join. Teens must have a library card and parental permission to participate.


  • No hate speech or bullying allowed.
  • Keep your conversations clean (no profanity) and on the topic of gaming.
  • You must have a valid Belleville Public Library card or direct permission from library staff to join.
  • Games being discussed, shared or streamed must be appropriate for ages 12 and up.