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Worldly Winds of Poetry

Unexpected Serendipity

by Jodi Velez

It was August,
A time when we could not
be face-to-face.
Ensnared in our mess,
we sunk further
instead of seeking an exit,
as we were both

How lovely it was
for me to wait alone,
comforted by the sun,
something I’d rather embrace
since you did not show
on a crisp afternoon.
saying that your memory was

How thoughtful it must be
to have me on your mind
as someone you would replace,
Repressing my words into your favor,
everyone else glanced
as my respect to myself
quickly came to be

A simple lifetime to remember
all the callous moments
and words you stated to my face,
soon vanished.
Serendipity was unexpected
as it waited for me
when I was no longer

The witness

by Michelle Jean-Louis

As my eyes well up with tears for the second time today,
You have been the only witness.
Some call you the “distraction”
“The disease that plagues my mind with useless information”
“The weakness of a generation”
But I call you my witness”
You witness the news of my cousins’ death
And that brought me tears
You Witness the laughter of the woman I call mommy
And that took the tears
You Witness the story of the Iraqi girl
And that brought me fear
You witness the strength I found in Music
And that took the fear
So you’re my witness
A witness of growing pain
of endless games
Of love attain
And a life of my own

– A poem about my phone